Burglar, intruder new method for breaking into a house, prevention tips

New methods used by burglars to gain entry

Burglars using new methods to break into your house. According to James Kay, corporate director of Prolocksmith, they've encountered multiple examples of this type of access, but they advocate installing snap-resistant locks to keep intruders out. A locksmith has issued a warning about a new burglary technique. Blowtorches...
Smart Locks

Top 5 Best Smart Locks for your home

5 Best Smart Locks for you HomeBest Smart locks will keep you safe and secure while also allowing you to forget the need for keys. A smart lock is, without a doubt, the most crucial component of a genuinely smart, connected house. It will not...
Combination Lock Locksmith London 24 Service

3 Simple Ways To Open A Combination Lock Without The Code.

A Quick Simple Guide How to Open Combination Locks Without the Code Combination locks are used for a range of things, including school and gym lockers and home security. It might be really frustrating not to be able to access your possessions if you lose the...
Burglar Proof door london locksmith

How to Burglarproof Your Doors | Locksmith London 24 Guide

Intro: How to Burglarproof Your Doors? It's not easy to keep your home safe against theft, burglaries, and break-ins. Our locksmiths, on the other hand, can provide you with excellent advise and ideas on how to achieve just that. Continue reading to learn more about how...
Open Door with a bank card

4 Steps to Open a Door with a Credit Card

4 Steps to Open a Door with a Credit Card If you forget your key again and need to get into your house, you may be able to do so with your credit card. Remember that this method only works on doors with a simple knob...
How to change your door locks

How to Change Door Locks

Are you looking to replace the lock on your front door? Greetings, and welcome to Locksmith London 24 Have you recently moved into a new apartment and want to ensure that you are the only person who has access to it? Maybe your lock is broken and...
Locksmith London

Learn how to break into your house or office. A handy Guide.

Learn how to break into your house or office. A handy Guide. You have been locked inside your office, house, changing room or anywhere you think you can get locked inside. It is a terrifying situation, isn't it? I know it is. Now let's say your...
how to change a lock uk

How to Change a Lock? 4 Steps Guide | Locksmith London 24

How to change a lock It's nice to change things around, especially when it comes to your safety! It may be necessary to change the locks on your doors. It's a simple process that just takes a few minutes, but it'll give you a lot of...

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