CCTV and Security Cameras

CCTV and Security Cameras

Quality monitoring of High-Risk areas

If you own a manufacturing plant or are a company that manages risky chemicals or goods, you will have certain high–risk areas inside your premises where you feel that it’s anything but safe for your personnel to monitor restricted areas, you can use CCTV cameras for quick monitoring of such areas.

Not only does it cut down the risk of physical injuries, but will allow you to monitor the area yourself in real-time. You can also have CCTVs installed in accident-prone areas so life-saving measures can promptly be put into action in case of an accident.

24/7 CCTV locksmith service

The benefits of having CCTVs installed in your homes and businesses are wide-ranging. More often just the sight of a rightly-positioned CCTV is enough to intimidate would-be burglars and thieves. CCTVs have become increasingly advanced over the years.

They can be used alone or as parts of a full-scale integrated system. Locksmith London 24 is a London and West-London-based Locksmithing company that provides comprehensive solutions to all of your CCTV needs.

Our CCTV services include CCTV installation, maintenance, and repair, etc. From consultation to design, specialized installation to skilled maintenance, we can customize our services to meet your unique security needs. let’s have a brief look at our services:

CCTV installation

At Locksmith London 24, We have a team of licensed and SSAIB-approved security system installers who in addition to installing CCTVs at your premise, provide you with complete training to make sure you now have complete know-how about  the equipment

We have partnered with some of the best-in-class security system brands such as ABCD, so you can rest easy knowing that you have partnered with a company that knows no compromise when it comes to quality.

cctv repair locksmith in london
cctv repair locksmith in london

CCTV and Security Cameras maintenance

Regular maintenance and holiday servicing are a must if you want your CCTV system to remain in good working order. It also helps to keep your devices in check, thus helping with the early detection of potential issues. Locksmith London 24 offers regular CCTV maintenance services that includes regular servicing by our experts, round-the-clock monitoring, reduced call-out, and labor charges.

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    cctv repair by locksmith london 24

    CCTV repair

    Even with the regular maintenance of your CCTV systems, you just cannot trust them to not develop faults, for example, loose connection, cameras failing, recording issues, playback error, or poor-quality images.

    That’s where you need a CCTV repair service, if you have been noticing a drop in your CCTV’s performance lately, our expert engineers can diagnose and repair them in a matter of minutes and with zero damage.

    Contact Locksmith London 24 for all your CCTV security needs in West London and surrounding areas or call for a quick consultation with our experts right now!

    Everything you need to know about CCTV and Security Cameras

    The last few years have seen a substantial increase in the use of video surveillance because of the increasing need for physical security, together with the use of cloud-based services for centralized data. According to a report, the global surveillance camera market, which is currently at $70 billion,  is expected to reach a valuation of up to AUD 127 billion by the year 2024.

    This indicates that businesses and homeowners alike aren’t ready to compromise on their security anymore. Among the many ways they’re leveling up the protection they have for their homes and businesses, one is by investing in a high-quality CCTV system installation and since the use of CCTVs is becoming exceedingly popular for both residential and commercial applications, it isn’t uncommon for us to find CCTVs installed on every corner, every building and, every street.

    The reason behind this immense popularity of CCTV cameras among property owners is that, in addition to being the easiest to set up, They are one of the most cost-effective security systems too. It is due to the many benefits they provide, CCTVs are becoming a more frequent occurrence in homes too.

    What is a CCTV?

    A CCTV is a video surveillance system that is embedded in security cameras that allows you to keep an eye on what’s going in and around you. It works by monitoring, recording images and videos on the property, and transmitting them to a monitor, thereby allowing you to view events live, and recorders archive footage for later reference

    Primarily used for security purposes in public and private property, CCTV monitors and offers day-and-night surveillance and is used to prevent and investigate a crime.

    What does CCTV stand for?

    CCTV is short Closed Circuit Television. Not to confuse CCTVs with an ordinary television,  unlike broadcast television, its signal transmission is not open; it is a closed-circuit system.  CCTV passes the footage onto a different monitor, whereas the TV in the system transmits moving images to different monitors.

    Another important thing to know here is how a CCTV system works. A  CCTV system monitors a premise round the clock, it contains a lens, monitor, camera, and recorder. The camera does its job by continuously capturing images, which then are sent to a recording device and then onwards to the different monitors.

    CCTV its importance and benefits

    Nowadays no premises, despite the distinction of size or type, is insusceptible to criminal activity, which is why property owners are looking to increase the security of their properties by all means. Having a CCTV camera installed in your public and private property is the need of the hour in modern unpredictable times.

    CCTV cameras use modern and highly innovative technologies to monitor the activity on your property, thus empowering you to prevent possible theft and in case of a break-in, providing relevant authorities with substantial evidence to investigate from the monitors.

    In addition to enhancing security, there are many other benefits you can reap by installing a CCTV camera or cameras in strategic locations in your area of operation. These include:

    • Deter thieves and robbers
    • Real-time surveillance
    • Improved employee productivity
    • Provides criminal evidence

    Are you also looking to install CCTV cameras on your property but don’t know much about this whole CCTV thing? If your answer is Yes, keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know about CCTVs and their advantages for any property. So let’s get started without further ado.


    At the point when you install a security camera on your property, it strongly deters criminals and thieves, because the recorded footage can help in identifying people and track their movements. In commercial establishments, these footages are continuously monitored by trained personnel which makes it possible to track suspicious activities and prevent untoward incidents before they occur.

    Real-time surveillance is one of the major benefits of having CCTV cameras installed on your property. They allow you to monitor all happenings in your business premises in real-time. Thus removing the need of hiring a security person to handle your security affairs. CCTV camera uses a remote computer, tablet, or mobile phone to monitor the surroundings of a property. A single window can be used by multiple cameras to view the footage.

    The main goal of any business venture is to generate revenue. Low productivity and defective operational measures are enemies of progress. Having a CCTV camera installed at your property lets your employees know that there are surveillance cameras around, hence providing them a chance to be more productive and responsible in the office. Realizing that they are being monitored by their employers buoys them up to do better and improve their performance to avoid distasteful confrontations.

    Property owners nowadays employ video surveillance as a primary tool to monitor activity and prevent crimes, both in the private and public sectors. Councils, law enforcement, and security management professionals worldwide rely heavily on video surveillance to fight crime and prevent violence. It is estimated that there are around 50 million CCTV cameras in the USA, having more numbers of CCTV cameras per capita than any other country in the world.

    Covering everything from public surveillance to private business-operated cameras and even residential doorbell cameras. In case of a crime, CCTVs provide evidence of the offense, thus helping relevant authorities to track down criminals.

    No workplace is exempt from employee-related incidences and disputes and the onus is on the authorities, as the business owner or the manager, to resolve them before getting out of control. Workplaces with surveillance cameras experienced a remarkable decrease in disputes among employees and other unpleasant workplace occurrences such as theft, sexual harassment, and violence of any sort because employees are informed of 24-hours monitoring.

    In case a dispute happens, you can easily detect the actual cause of the dispute before things get out of hand by reviewing the recorded footage and reaching a fair agreement between the parties.

    Surveillance cameras are used in retail places as a means to enhance the customer shopping experience. According to an estimate, 63% of all retail customers quit shopping from a brand if they receive poor service from an employee with a bad attitude. Having CCTVs installed in your business, you can keep a check on your employees’ behavior and their customer service performance levels. As a result, it will help you create a shopping platform where customers feel esteemed, cared for, and confident when shopping which in turn, enhances your sales.

    Among the many benefits of having CCTV cameras installed on your property includes the reduction of your security-related expenses. CCTV installation implies that you will require fewer to no security personnel who might have monitored your entire premise. With cutting-edge cameras in the market today, you can go for high-end wireless cameras. These cameras are becoming increasingly popular because of their consistently improving technology and have almost taken over the traditional fiber optic wiring.

    Current CCTV cameras are also getting smaller and less prominent, while simultaneously supporting enhanced clarity, night-time infrared support, and lesser maintenance costs. Therefore, you could undoubtedly have a full-scale CCTV monitoring arrangement at half the cost you are accustomed to spending otherwise.

    If you own a manufacturing plant or are a company that manages risky chemicals or goods, you will have certain high–risk areas inside your premises where you feel that it’s anything but safe for your personnel to monitor restricted areas, you can use CCTV cameras for quick monitoring of such areas. Not only does it cut down the risk of physical injuries, but will allow you to monitor the area yourself in real-time. You can also have CCTVs installed in accident-prone areas so life-saving measures can promptly be put into action in case of an accident.

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